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Family owned and run since 1973, we hire reliable tools and equipment at reasonable prices with great customer service.  


Vermont Hire is the tradie’s choice for equipment hire in Melbourne’s East, South East, North East and beyond. Local and a family owned small business since 1973, we provide real customer service hiring our extensive range of reliable, quality and affordable equipment to our customers, many of which are sole traders and small businesses like us.

Our 45 years of tool and equipment hire expertise keeps our trades and DIY customers happy and coming back year after year, decade after decade. Hire from us, and get the job done! Better!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us directly on 9874 8444 or

What are your trading hours?

Monday to Saturday from 7am to 5pm

Can I hire equipment for a Sunday?

Yes, pick the equipment up on a Saturday between 4pm and 5pm and return it on the Monday between 7am and 8am for just one day’s hire. 4 hour hires are not available on a Sunday.

I only want to hire equipment for a few hours. How much will I pay?

We have a 4 hour rate on many equipment items. Initially, you will pay the full day rate plus deposit when you take the equipment out. When you return the equipment in under 4 hours, we will issue a refund of the deposit and the difference between the daily and 4 hour hire rate.

What counts as a 4 hour hire?

For equipment with a 4 hour rate, bring the equipment back in under 4 hours and you will receive the 4 hour hire rate.

Can I have a 4 hour hire if I pick it up in the evening?

No, 4 hour hires must be returned before 5pm.

Can you deliver?

Yes, we deliver all over Melbourne and her surrounds at very competitive prices. Please ask us for a quote on delivery to your area.

What do I need to bring to hire equipment?

A current Victorian driver’s license for identification. Cash, eftpos, visa, or mastercard for payment.

How much is the deposit?

It is the daily hire rate rounded up to the nearest ten. So if the daily hire rate is $95, the deposit would be $100 and the total amount payable will be $195. The full deposit is refundable when you bring the equipment back in good working condition. Furthermore, if you have brought the equipment back within 4 hours and a 4 hour rate is available, you will only be charged the 4 hour rate.

How are deposits refunded?

Deposits are refunded using the same method by which payment was made. So if you paid the hire rate and deposit on a credit card, you will need to bring the same credit card back to be issued the refund.

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