When are you open?

We’re open and hiring from 7am-5pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 12:30pm on Saturdays.

Where are you?

We’re at 405 Canterbury Road, Vermont. Entry is via Trade Place.

How does the 4 hour rate work?

Hire equipment during the day and return it within 4½ hours – we give you a ½ hour grace period – or hire it overnight between 4 and 5pm and return it the next morning between 7 and 8am for the 4 hour rate.

Initially, you’ll pay the full day rate plus deposit when you take the equipment out. When you return the equipment in under 4 hours or by 8am the next morning on an overnight hire, we’ll refund the deposit and the difference between the daily and 4 hour hire rate.

Not all equipment has a 4 hour rate so check out the equipment item on our website to see if it does.

What's your weekend rate?

Hire equipment on a Saturday between 8am and 12:30pm and return it Monday between 7 and 8am for our great value weekend rate. If the equipment’s available the night before, pick it up between 3:30 and 5pm Friday for even greater value.

13 hours of usage is included for metered equipment.

Can I hire equipment for a Sunday?

Sure can. Hire the equipment Saturday anytime between 8am and 12:30pm and return it Monday between 7am and 8am for our great value weekend rate.

I hire equipment all the time - what can you do for me?

Our loyalty rewards is made for you. 5% from each hire accrues as loyalty rewards, so long as we can email you your tax invoices, and are applied as a discount to your next hire within 6 months. So the more you hire with us, the more you save. Simple!

Can you deliver?

Yes we can. We deliver all over Melbourne and her surrounds at very competitive prices. Use our delivery rate calculator here to estimate the cost.

What do I need to bring to hire equipment?

All you need to bring is a current Victorian driver’s license for identification, and eftpos, visa, or mastercard for payment. We try to make the hiring process as easy as possible; follow the link here to learn more.

How much is the deposit? And how and when do you refund the deposit?

The deposit is usually the daily hire rate rounded up to the nearest ten. So if the daily hire rate is $95, the deposit would be $100 and the total amount payable will be $195. The full deposit is refundable when you bring the equipment back in good working condition. If you’ve brought the equipment back within 4 hours and a 4 hour rate is available, you will only be charged the 4 hour rate.

Deposits are refunded using the same method by which payment was made. So if you paid the hire rate and deposit on a credit card, you will need to bring the same credit card back to be issued the refund. Learn more about the hiring process here.