Loyalty Rewards Program

Every hire earns 5% loyalty rewards, applied as a discount off your next hire within 6 months. So the more you hire, the more you save!

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Real Easy Rewards

Under our loyalty rewards program, every hire earns 5% loyalty rewards. Whether you’re a tradie, small business or DIY home renovator, you automatically earn 5% loyalty rewards on each hire when we can email you your hire, safety & operating documents. These loyalty rewards are then applied as a loyalty reward discount on your next hire within 6 months. It’s that simple! So hire with us regularly for reliable, big-brand equipment from experienced, knowledgeable staff, and get a further 5% discount off of our already great rates.

Terms and Conditions

  • Hire and delivery charges accrue 5% loyalty rewards
  • Accrued loyalty rewards are applied as a discount on your next hire within 6 months  
  • Loyalty rewards expire after 6 months
  • You must provide us with your email address to be eligible for loyalty rewards
  • Sale items, including diesel, sandpaper and nails, do not accrue loyalty rewards

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