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When you have better things to do with your time, we deliver equipment to you, all over Melbourne and at great rates.

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Equipment Deliveries We deliver all over Melbourne

We run deliveries and pick-ups from Monday to Friday with trucks leaving our yards from 7:15am and last pick-ups/deliveries no later than 3pm. We have limited deliveries and pick-ups on Saturdays, with the first delivery from 10:00am and last pick-up by 11am. Please note we don’t do deliveries for 4-hour hires anymore; a delivery’s minimum hire is 24-hours.

Want to know how much delivery will cost? We have delivery calculators on each of our equipment pages (delivery rates vary depending on equipment and suburb). So, once you figure out what you want to hire, use the delivery calculator to find out how much delivery will cost to your suburb.

Booking & Delivery

Call us to check availability and book in an equipment delivery:

  • If you haven’t hired with us before, we’ll get your driver’s license details, delivery address and take payment – hire, delivery/pick-up charge, and deposit.
  • If you have hired with us before, we’ll get the delivery address and take payment – hire, delivery/pick-up charge, and deposit.

We know your time is precious, so we deliver within 60 minutes of the scheduled time as well as calling you before we leave. On arrival, our driver will first want to sight your driver’s license for identification purposes. They will then unload and demonstrate the equipment, have you sign the hire schedule and you’re ready to get the job done!

Important information:

  • Our delivery rates are for delivery/pick-up of one equipment item. If you have multiple items to be delivered, talk to our team for a quote.
  • Delivery slots are secured once payment has been made.
  • We must be able to unload in a safe place and will only deliver to where we can easily and safely drive. We have a duty to keep our team safe and cannot compromise on safety.
  • You must be on site with your current Victorian driver’s license to sign for the equipment when we deliver it. If this isn’t possible, let us know at booking.
  • If you cancel:
    • With over 48 hours, we refund everything.
    • Within 24 to 48 hours, $100 is put into instore credit for your next hire, and the rest is refunded.
    • Within 24 hours, $100 is forfeited as a cancellation fee, and the rest is refunded.
    • After we’ve loaded the equipment, we charge one delivery fee and a $100 cancellation fee.
  • If you have any issues with the equipment, please call us immediately on 9874 8444. No question is too silly, no issue too small. You’ll have a better hire experience, and we can help ensure the equipment is being used as it’s meant. If you’ve hired over the weekend, your on-hire email will contain an after-hours number that you can call with any equipment issues.

Off-hiring and pick-ups

We do not book in pick-ups at on-hire, you must call us when you’ve finished with the equipment. The hire continues until you call us and get an off-hire number. When you do off-hire the equipment, we’ll arrange a time with you to pick it up. Once the equipment is back in our yard and has been checked over, we’ll refund the deposit less any fuel, diesel or excess usage charges.

Important information:

  • You must call us when you’ve finished to off-hire the equipment. The hire continues until you call us to off-hire and arrange pick-up.
  • Equipment must be dismantled, stacked and in an accessible and safe location for pick-up. Failure to do so may result in a failed pick-up charge and the equipment hire continuing.
  • You are responsible for the equipment from delivery until pick-up – even after off-hiring it! So you must be able to store the equipment safely from delivery until we pick it up. If you are unable to store the equipment safely, please let us know at booking.
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